Stuff that doesn’t fit on Twitter

All I want from a mobile Twitter client

This is all I want from a mobile Twitter client (Android, since you ask):

  • Columns, including:
    • Timeline
    • Mentions
    • RTs of me
    • DMs
    • Any particular Twitter List of my choosing (showing RTs in the list should be an option)
    • Any particular Search of my choosing
  • Individual settings for each columnrelating to:
    • Frequency of update (and I mean update: downloading tweets in the background whether I’m looking at the app or not, and keeping them sitting there in the app awaiting me reading them whenever I next look at that column. If I pick every 3min, I want this checkedevery 3min, whether at 1pm and then 1.03pm or 4am and then 4.03am, whatever else the phone is up to!)
    • Notifications of new items in column (standard Android notifications, with optional sound, flashing light etc.)
    • Order of columns
  • Cacheing of each column’s content*
  • Columns always remember where you were in them last time you looked at them, so you can pick up where you left off
  • Multiple accounts
  • Media preview (in my fantasy world this includes Vine!)
  • Conversation view
  • Autocomplete of @ names and # tags
  • Native, transparent URL shortening
  • Options for which picture service to upload to
  • Option to enable Streaming for all Twitter content that supports it, meaning the relevant columns are kept permanently up-to-date, even in the background.

* The cacheing problem is what I touched on under the frequency of update column setting, above: I am baffled by apps which notify me something is awaiting me in a column, then make me wait for the column to load the new items when I go to it - why didn’t it just update when it noticed the new things?! Relatedly irritating: loading the tweets in a List, going elsewhere, then going back to the List and finding it loads the whole thing again. No! Cache it, show what was there last time, then add to it! Of course, my requirement for the app to be downloading tweets at the specified interval 24/7 links into this too - it’d be pointless if it did this and didn’t then cache them.

Is that so unreasonable?

TweakDeck (updated version of TweetDeck) offers the majority of this - the first six top-level bullet points, pretty much in full - but nothing else manages enough of these to satisfy me.

In particular, handling of Lists, updating in the background and most of all cacheing seem to let apps down. Why isn’t cacheing the default? Surely it makes the most sense on mobile, where download allowances etc. may apply, to cling tight to anything useful you grab and only add to it, not grab it all again? TweetDeck/TweakDeck manage this - why does nothing else?

Janetter (which I’m happy with on my PC, incidentally), Tweedle, TweetCaster, Plume, tweecha, twicca… I’ve tried them all, and probably others. No joy.

And now TweakDeck is to be killed off in a couple of months by the idiots at Twitter, who stumble from one mistake to another in their handling of a wonderful service whose features and take-up were for years driven by users and third-party apps, but who now want to restrict users and all but kill off apps.

If I had the slightest, remotest clue how to do so, I’d write this app myself. But I don’t. Developers, if you can deliver the above, I’ll happily buy the ad-free top-tier pro donation version of your app from Google Play on the day of its release.


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